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Our Mission

Our mission is in our name: Reconciliation. The Christian Faith is centered around a problem and a “solution”. Broken relationship with God is our universal problem. Reconciliation with God is our universal solution.  


We live in a world that is broken in countless ways and always leads to death - these are the consequences of acts which have shattered our relationship with God. Broken relationship with God comes about, ultimately, because of our selfish ways; our selfishness stands in direct opposition to God’s selflessness and is called “sin”. Our selfishness and God’s selflessness cannot coexist. Sin is an eternal wedge between God and his people. The broken, dying world we live in is a direct result of this wedge. Our relationship with God shattered.


Importantly, having chosen selfishness we are incapable of living selflessly. Not only did we break relationship, we are incapable of restoring relationship. But God is capable, and willing, to restore our relationship even at unbelievable cost to God. For God, reconciliation is the most important thing In all of creation.


The whole of Scripture is about God promising a solution, and then providing a way for each of us to be “reconciled with God” - our relationship restored. Our mission is to share the wonder, hope and love of God’s act of restoring relationship, that all may have the opportunity to be reconciled with God.


God calls us to authentic relationship, and authentic relationship with God calls us to Know Him, Serve Him and Obey Him. These are the greatest joys in all of life, because real life begins in authentic relationship with the one who created us.

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