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Who is Reconciliation Anglican Church


In so many ways we are just like you.

We come from all walks of life. Young and old, able and challenged. We're retired and we're just starting. We are single and we are divorced and we are married. Some of us have children, some don't. Some of us have a large extended family. Some of us are alone.

We are community. We seek God together. We share our grief and our joys, our laughs and our cries, with each other. We are safe, always working to be safer. Sometimes we hurt each other. We are learning to ask for forgiveness and to forgive.

We are sinners and we are saints. We are “prodigal sons and daughters” that are discovering the unconditional love of our God for those that will just turn towards “home”.

We come from different places, even different counties, and make this our home. We are brothers and sisters, not of the flesh and blood but of God’s Spirit, eternally. We are family. We are a body. God’s Body. We are seeking God together.

We are just like you, if you are seeking God.

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