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Serving God


We are meant to serve God. Jesus invites His followers “to sit at His feet”, to seek to know Him. He also invites us to “follow Him” to work in His ministry. He tells us to pray for others to be raised up to also serve, for the salvation of the world is great work. Serving Jesus is the flip-side of knowing Jesus. Both are meant to be daily realities for Christians.

As we come to know Jesus we begin to hear His call to serve Him, literally to work alongside Him and His kingdom work. Jesus is always at work in the world, His church is to join in His work. When we come to know and love Jesus we will

want to follow Him wherever he goes. A complete life in Christ will include participating in His life as He calls us.


Reconciliation is called to encourage everyone to seek God’s call of serving in Kingdom work and to provide resources and opportunities to fulfill this purpose.

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