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Knowing God

We are meant to “walk with God“. Scripture assures us that God knows us completely. While it is impossible for us to know God completely, we are meant to know him in a real, literal, way. Jesus speaks often about real relationship. The relationship is so real that we would know and experience God’s character and we would know God’s voice despite all the noise in this world. If we know God, we will choose to follow God above all people and things.

Sadly, many people simply “know about God” which is utterly different than

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“knowing God”.  It is in knowing God that we begin to love God in the truest sense. Scripture tells us that our greatest purpose is to know and love God. Here, we also begin to love others with the love of God.


It is In knowing God that we are challenged to serve and obey God.


Reconciliation is called to encourage everyone in their journey to know God and to provide resources and opportunities to fulfill this purpose.

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