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Obeying God


We are meant to obey God. Over and over In scripture God calls us to obedience. To teach us His obedience, God began with written Commandments.  But the written Commandments were never intended to be the full definition of obedience. God promised that one day written commandments would be replaced with “commandments written on our hearts”.

God’s commandments Have always been and continue to be integral to the life of God’s people.  But we have not always understood God’s commandments.

Many Christians still think of the Commandments as a series of written laws. But Jesus says “all the law and the prophets are fulfilled when we love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind and strength and we love our neighbors as ourselves”.  The Commandments are fulfilled when we draw closer to God and God begins to live his life through us. Only then do we begin to understand the nature of God‘s Commandments. They are not a series of arbitrary rules, they are the character of God. In our life we are meant to be made more and more into the image of Christ. It is in the decision to desire the life of Christ within us that we begin to become Obedient to God.  As we grow closer in our relationship with Jesus, both knowing Him and serving Him, we will begin to understand and desire obedience to God.


Reconciliation is called to encourage everyone to seek and desire obedience to God and to provide resources and opportunities to fulfill this purpose.

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