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Women's Ministry

“Women’s Ministry” represents all ministry opportunities designed for women. The offerings will change over time.

Women’s Ministry is for women and by women, both inside and outside the church, who are in a relationship with Jesus Christ or desiring a relationship and are seeking a more intimate knowledge of who He is and who we are in Him.

The goals of all aspects of this ministry are two-fold: to build disciples and to create a legacy of love for Christ Jesus and for His people through prayer, encouragement and service.

Is This for You?

  • Do you have a teachable spirit? Will you allow Scripture to convict you and change you?

  • Are you self aware? Do you know what your personal brokenness is and how it affects you and your interactions with others?

  • Do you want to learn how to listen well and really hear what someone is trying to say?

  • Do you hunger and thirst for God’s Word?

  • Do you want to know the God of All Comfort, the God of the Bible? Do you want to know what the Bible says about suffering, endurance, perseverance, trials, worry, anxiety……

  • Can you hear the truth spoken in love?

Who We Are

A group of women who want to learn to comfort as we have been comforted; to help others have their mourning turned into joy and their sorrow into gladness.

We work on developing Godly characteristics and skills in ourselves so that we will be equipped to comfort others in their troubles as we have been comforted by the God of all Comfort. We are preparing each other to show those in distress who God is and what He says about suffering and afflictions, worries and anxiety. We want a safe place to find the knowledge and develop these skills. We share our own experiences and what helped and what didn’t. We talk about listening, comforting, guiding, as we do it for each other.

We study God’s Word so that we do all this guided by Scripture and the God of the Bible, not the god the world may have defined or by worldly principles.

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