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What We Believe

We believe God is perfectly good and loves us perfectly. God made us in his image which includes free will. In our free will we follow our own desires rather than God’s. Our choices which oppose God's desires is given a name: sin.

We are meant to live in God's perfection; He will not live in our sin. As a result we live in a world that is separated from God, broken and ultimately dying. But God loves us so much that he desires to restore us into his perfect goodness, that we may live eternally with Him. Jesus Christ is the means by which we are reconciled, made right, with God.

Through our choice, sin and death rule this world. Nevertheless, we are given the right to choose God and eternal life through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Church has one ultimate purpose: The Church is to tell the world about Jesus and what it means to “choose Jesus”.

Reconcilation Church exists to share THE Truth of Jesus Christ, as revealed in the Scriptures, with anyone who has questions or seeks God, AND to assist anyone that “chooses Jesus” to grow in faith and relationship with our God.

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